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For over 38 years, Fleming Yachts has become known as "The Ultimate Cruising Yacht"

Renowned for both their stability and notable lack of noise while cruising, the Fleming is a classic low-profile motor yacht with a pilothouse configuration incorporating the latest in features, equipment and engineering. Their timeless designs, fuel-efficient hulls, meticulous engineering and luxurious accommodations set the standard by which other cruising yachts are measured.


Why Choose Fleming Yachts in Southeast Asia?

Explore the seas of Southeast Asia with confidence in a Fleming Yacht. Over three decades, Fleming Yachts has solidified its reputation as the ultimate cruising yacht, blending innovation and development seamlessly. Whether navigating oceans in displacement mode or swiftly cruising along coastal passages, opting for a Fleming Yacht emerges as an unmatched choice, promising an unparalleled blend of performance, craftsmanship, and personalized luxury for discerning yacht enthusiasts in the dynamic waters of Southeast Asia.


Tony Fleming - Yacht Designer, Innovator, Adventurer

Trained as an aeronautical engineer, in 1985 Tony started Fleming Yachts in Taiwan at the highly respected Tung Hwa yard. The demand and popularity of Fleming has seen over 300 boats built and delivered in the last 37 years. Since “retiring” in 2005, Tony now extensively cruises his 65 allowing time to dedicate to his other passions; filmmaking, writing and photography.


Awards & Recognition

"Virtually fault free, eerily quiet, exceptionally engineered and boasting amazing attention to detail, the Fleming 75 is quite clearly the product of an obsessive design team."
(Fleming 75)

Best Yacht in her class, Worldwide (Fleming 65)

"Yachts" magazine, 2006

Best Passagemaker in 50-59 ft class (Fleming 58)

AIM Marine Group, 2014

Lifetime Achievement Award (Tony Fleming)

TrawlerFest & PassageMaker, 2016

Best Asian Yacht Builder (15m to 24m) (Nomination)

Asia Pacific Boating, 2015

Fleming’s redundancy extends far beyond just safety.

Vincent Daniello. April 2014

The Fleming 65 clearly is the culmination of a lifetime of commitment to high quality, solid engineering and practical design. I have every confidence that she will take her owners and crew wherever they choose to cruise comfortably, safely and reliably

Steve d’Antonio. 2011

The Fleming 78 is designed and built for serious cruisers who know what the want and what they’ll need on their next voyage.

George Sass Sr. 2013

The Fleming 55 is the quintessential blue water cruising boat. The engineering is quite simply first class and answers all the questions I could ask in terms of practicality, longevity and redundancy.

Jeff Strang. 2014

Explore Fleming Models - Perfect for Southeast Asia Cruising

Fleming builds 5 different models, 55, 58, 65, 78 and 85 feet and produce around 15 boats a year, each one individually customised to the owner's personal requirements


Fleming 55

LOA: 18.50m

Beam: 4.88m

Cabins: 3

Draft: 1.52m

The Fleming 55 is a luxury motor yacht designed for long-range cruising. It was first introduced in 1985 and has since become one of the most popular models in the Fleming Yachts line. Powered by twin diesel engines, typically either 500 or 600 horsepower each, which provide a cruising speed of around 10-12 knots and a maximum speed of around 17-18 knots. The Fleming 55 is a well-regarded and highly sought-after yacht among those who enjoy luxury cruising and exploring the world's oceans.


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Fleming 65

LOA: 21.60m

Beam: 5.70m

Cabins: 3

Draft: 1.52m

The Fleming 65 was introduced in mid 2005 in response to a strong demand for an intermediate Fleming between the 55 and the 75. Her layout is very similar in concept to the 55 but the 65, being around 70% larger in displacement, offers much more interior and deck space than her smaller sibling. Fleming Yachts decided to retain hull number 1 to evaluate her design performance as a well­found cruising yacht as well as providing a test bed for new equipment.


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Fleming 85

LOA: 25.9m

Beam: 6.3m

Cabins: 3-4

Draft: 1.7m

With true ocean crossing range, the Fleming 85 will take you anywhere you want to be in the world, in total comfort, grace and peace of mind. The mission with the 85 was to design and build literally the finest possible ocean-going pilothouse motor yacht, in every respect. Two versions will be available. A traditional open flybridge for those who prefer the wind in their hair and the traditional style Fleming or an enclosed pilothouse on the upper deck, still fully outfitted like a Fleming pilothouse should be but down below more space is opened up for flexible dining and entertaining options.


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Fleming 58

LOA: 19.94m

Beam: 5.33m

Cabins: 3

Draft: 1.52m

After extensive research and input from existing Fleming owners, we identified the need for a boat to bridge the gap between the 55 and the 65. While retaining the Fleming classic lines, the 58 is an entirely new boat designed from the keel up. The naval architects selected to assist the in­house Fleming design team were Norman Wright and Sons in Brisbane, Australia who, with their special expertise in hull design and tank testing, have been designing semi­displacement passagemakers for more than 100 years.


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Fleming 78

LOA: 24.84m




Building on the success of the well­established Fleming 55, Fleming Yachts introduced the magnificent Fleming 75 in 2000. Ten years later the Fleming 75 was redesigned with a longer hull, longer keel and bulbous bow to become the new Fleming 78. The added waterline length and bulbous bow reduce fuel consumption and increase range by 500 NM. The yacht has the same elegant but no­nonsense design philosophy as her smaller sisters, but her larger size permits her to travel further and provide her guests and crew with even more luxurious accommodations.


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A Swedish national with extensive pleasure boating experience, Håkan takes care of the Fleming Yacht sales. His in depth knowledge of the brand and models means he is able to answer all your questions about Fleming Yachts.